Emma JM. Ates


CP* certified, AMM* certified, ACT, CFT


Emma is a registered psychotherapist (CRPO), a registered art therapist (CATA), contemplative psychotherapist, and contemplative arts practitioner. She is specialized in contemplative psychotherapy (Nalanda Institute), applied mindfulness, compassion-focused therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy.

Emma is currently a mental health therapist at the Centre Francophone du Grand Toronto and provides brief therapy for youth, adults and couples from diverse backgrounds, with issues ranging from anxiety, depression, stress, anger, low self-esteem, relationship difficulties, trauma, and life transitions. For this population, she has trained and specialized for Trauma Informed Services with OCASI and immigrant and refugee mental health with CAMH; brief narrative therapy training in single session and walk-in therapy practices from the Windz Institute. 


Presently, she serves as faculty and teaches courses on Mindfulness & Art (Psycho) therapy at University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies; she is also part of the advisory committee team at UofT SCS that was tasked to do a review of their Specialised Mindfulness courses for the AMM certifications.

Emma received her BFA from Aix-en-Provence University (FR) and DTATI from the Toronto Art Therapy Institute. She also completed Nalanda Institute’s Contemplative Psychotherapy* Certificate and is certified in Applied Mindfulness Meditation* from the University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies. She also completed the Creative Institute’s Expressive Arts Therapy Certificate (Expressive Arts Therapy foundation course) and multiple other training in her capacity as a mental health therapist with CFGT.  She is a Registered Art Therapist with the Canadian Art therapy Association, an active member with the Canadian Counselling & Psychotherapy Association, and the Association for Contemplative Mind in Higher Education.

Emma developed the Contemplative Creative Psychotherapy (CCPT) framework and methodologies based on the latest research on contemplative sciences and contemplative arts, Buddhist psychology and contemplative psychotherapy, she is the first teacher of the CCPT in North America who developed professional training programs and interventions for clinical and community settings.

As a contemplative arts practitioner, she is trained in Nalanda Miksang Contemplative Photography (level I, II, III, Absolute Eye & Maitri Space Awareness) with John McQuade, as well as an instructor of MPC-Level I in Toronto; I am also trained in Shambhala Art with Steven and Anne Saitzyk, and in Brushwork and Big Brush Mind with Barbara Bash. I have also practiced Ikebana, E-Tegami with Sachiko Hata Pereklita; and Sumi-E (brush painting) with Hiroshi Yamamoto (Hakuho) at the Japanese Canadian Cultural Center of Toronto and during a trip to Japan. She has deepened her practise with travels to India, Japan, Thailand and other countries.

Emma is the author of “Contemplative Photo Therapy: Group Intervention for Youth with Anxiety Disorders” (2017). She is currently working on a book on Contemplative Creative Psychotherapy (CCPT) methodologies scheduled to be published in 2020/2021. methodologies scheduled to be published in 2020/2021. 


*I support the UNWomen and the Canadian Women Foundation for 50-50 Gender Equality, and to stop violence of any kind of violence against women (psychological, emotional and physical), to stop human trafficking and to empower women and girls. #genderequality #stopviolenceagainstwomen #stopviolenceagainstgirls #stophumantrafficking #empowerwomen #empowergirls


*I support the efforts of Green Peace Canada to "Imagine a world where forests flourish and oceans are full of life. Where energy is as clean as a mountain stream. Where everyone has security, dignity and joy. We can’t build this future alone, but we can build it together" #forest #ocean #consumption #sustainability #planet #animals #plants #insects #earthlings 

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