Contemplative Creative Psychotherapy

From Mindfulness-Based Interventions and Mindfulness Art Therapies to Contemplative Creative Psychotherapy:


Contemplative Creative Psychotherapy (CCPT) is a theoretical framework that encompasses multi-modal meditations, contemplative techniques, creative and expressive integrated approaches and interventions for clinical and community settings

The CCPT framework proposes to integrate contemplative sciences and contemplative arts disciplines and practices from the Japanese traditional Buddhist meditative arts and the contemplative arts from Shambhala Western tradition, including Miksang Contemplative Photography (MCP) as an integral part of Western psychotherapy and psychology.


It is based on traditional Buddhist contemplative arts disciplines and contemplative science adapted for secular settings. Contemplative arts are forms of meditation that are a continuum of mindfulness and awareness meditation practices (Ates, 2019).

They are 4 models for interventions within the CCPT framework:


  1. Contemplative Mind Training (CMT)

  2. Contemplative Creative Interventions (CCIs)

  3. Contemplative Ecology Training (CET)

  4. Contemplative Photo Therapy (CPT)

"The creative process of contemplative arts is similar to the creative arts therapy; similar modalities are used such as brush painting, collage, contemplative writing, body movement, and photography are mediums used to observe and contemplate the mind. However, the integration of contemplative science and arts, contemplative psychotherapy and Buddhist psychology approaches within the CCPT framework brings the cultivation of direct perception and direct experience of the mind with familiarization of mind movements (associations and projections), deconstructive practice, contemplation of beliefs and concepts, with visual representation and expression of the mind through a selected creative medium" (Updated Ates, 2019).


Contemplative Photo Therapy: Group Intervention for Youth with Anxiety Disorders

This book is available in Kindle digital edition on Amazon around the world.

The paperback edition is only available on,,,,, and

This book presents a research study on the construction of a contemplative photo therapy (CPT) model for group intervention to assist youth with anxiety disorders. The purpose was to introduce the CPT model as a potential adjunct intervention to treatment for youth with anxiety disorders and comorbidities which will promote creative expression, mindfulness skills, cognitive and affective awareness, self-esteem and well-being. It is informed by existing literature, as well as interviews of experts in meditation, contemplative arts and Miksang contemplative photography, such as: Andy Karr, Miriam Hall, Steve and Anne Saitzyk, Barbara Bash, Marco Mascarin...etc.

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