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Mindfulness and Art Therapy part 1 - Watch the Mind


This introductory course is focused on personal mind training practice for self-care. First a brief introduction on mental representation, art therapy and mindfulness, mindfulness-based art therapy will be provided to understand how the practice has been integrated into clinical settings. We will then describe and explore in detail the “four establishments of mindfulness” as a main framework to train the mind with creative art therapy. We will explore the 1st establishment of mindfulness to watch habits of mind, and participants will practice mindfulness meditation and Hitsuzendo -a mindful brushwork practice- to learn and experience the breath, and mind-body experiences from the lens of art psychotherapy and modern neuroscience. Discover the latest research on the integration of the calligraphic medium and brushwork for psychological changes in clinical practice.

Mindfulness and Art Therapy part 2 - Transform the Mind

This second part is about “how the mind becomes absorbed”, and how to “transform the mind”. Participants will be invited to observe the mind deeply through meditations and creative practices that enhance contentment and compassion.

This course will be a continuation of part 1- “mindfulness and art psychotherapy: watch the mind”. This is a mind training practice with the “four establishments of mindfulness” as our framework. Participants will practice mindfulness meditation and Hitsuzendo, a mindful brushwork practice.

According to most spiritual teachings, the breath is the first step towards replacing negative patterns with positive ones and developing a state of consciousness (Love) that makes the implications of our actions apparent, preventing further trauma. We will investigate the last establishments of mindfulness and how to transform the mind with loving-kindness and self-compassion to transform the mind. Exploring existing literature and interventions that have been implemented in clinical work.

By the end of this course you will be able to use creative contemplative practice and apply it in your everyday life.

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